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The Day When Everything Started To Make Sense - Gasoline (3) - The New Discipline (CD, Album)


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  1. Gasoline dependence, particularly in North America and Europe, stretches back more than a century -- to the dawn of the automotive age. And even though more than years ago there were alternative fuels available like electricity and steam, gasoline eventually won out for being cheap and convenient -- two of the main reasons it's still so hard cut our dependence on gasoline.
  2. You might think the last thing the world needs is another garage rock band from Detroit, and you might just be right, but the Hard Lessons make a pretty strong case for their right to exist on their debut long-player, guispurobalarinenepsatasbuejer.coinfono Visocchi's guitar isn't afraid to go for the gusto, Korin Louise Cox's keyboards hold down the bottom end while adding solid textures over the top, .
  3. Jul 28,  · It’s the only other place I’ve lived besides Nashville and as I enter into my late 20s, I start to find a sense of gratitude for all the things that were apart of my growing—here is a very usual, for the year, Thursday—safely distanced in Saint Simons Island, GA. [ a.m.] I love how long the day feels when I’m up before everything.
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  5. Never made no sense to me one day I hope it will And that's that, sport, sport Pray I live to see the day when Seven's happily married With kids, woe woe The world is movin fast and I'm losin' my balance No time to dig, low low To a place where ain't nowhere to go but up Ya wit me say shiiit, sho sho Now let me ask ya'll this [Hook] [Big Boi].
  6. Recorded at EGG Oct 28 & 29, Mixed at Sweatbox Studio Nov 8, Tracks are numbered on sleeve and labels. Track B3 is written "Shake Ya Money Maker" with the word Money crossed-out and the word Michael is added (on sleeve and label).
  7. "New day yawning Another day in solitaire Houses honest Clearly more than i can bare Drag me off Before i set my world on fire Out and gone The sun will never set tonight Yeah" Cornell appears to have written other songs about this time in his life as well, such as "Rusty Cage" and "Doesn't Remind Me". but this song totally rocks out!
  8. Brand New "Gasoline": Brand New Lyrics "Gasoline" So you tried to put a fire out But you used gasoline And when the congregation gathered round You're screaming "it wasn't me" So there's a sickness that is going round But no one's got a vaccine album: "Daisy" () Vices. Bed. At The Bottom. Gasoline. You Stole. Be Gone. Sink. Bought A.

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