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Shinaniki Da - One-Step


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  1. Shinaniki Da (Der alte Bulgar). One-Step (Harry Carlton). With Teddy Kline orchestra, (Homocord (D) , H) Wiederveröffentlichungen. Ahlers, Gerd: Rivalen der Comedian Harmonists. Warum, weshalb, wieso?, Duophon (D) CD (CD), ; Csányi. Attila: Hungarian Jazz –
  2. Pre-owned popular Sheet Music. Pre. – s. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING FOR. A GUIDE. TO CONDITION. AND. PRICES. Many of these songs were published during the First () or Second World War ( –45) or earlier such as Edwardian or Victorian publications.
  3. Music scores are from new style orchestrations and dance band music. Beethoven, Dvorak, Fred Reeve, Jimmy Lally are composers. - Page
  4. The 7" Victory record, launched in the Autumn of , was a product of the Crystalate Gramophone Company. It was not their first 7" record; for some years they had been making "Imperial Junior" and "Aerona" records but these had only been available in Australia.
  5. J H Oh, de zúg a fejem! [= Shinaniki Da] One-Step (H. Carlton-NÁDASSY) Homocord (D) U J H Valahogy lesz! Foxtrot (Fred MARKUSH [MÁRKUS Alfréd] - HARMATH Imre) Homocord (D) U
  6. Somewhere out in Turkestan, There lives a Turkey Rhubarb man, Whose name is Shinaniki Da. There's no Turk in Turkestan, Just like this Turkey Rhubarb man Whose name is Shinaniki Da. Don't mistake, he make a lot o' money. Playing on his Turkestan guitar. Oh! Shinaniki Da, He play the guitar, Outside a Bazaar. Aha! Aha! While he play the guitar. He smoke a cigar And .
  7. Willy Reichert Adler , Audiphon Kristall Orchestrola Vox Gloria CAIRO /KAIRO Cairo (One step, Darewski) Cairo (One-step, Weeks) Marek Weber mit seiner Künstlerkapelle Kapellmeister Stern mit seiner Künstlerkapelle Cairo (One step, Darewski) Cairo (Charleston, Myers-Jongo) Cairo-Town (Shimmy-Fox-trot, Black.
  8. Leslie Sarony D a g g e r S p e e c h — " M a c b e t h " (Shakespeare) Basil Maine Daily, daily, sing to M a r y Minster Male Quartette Dainty M i s s Piano Solo—Raie da Costa D a i s y B e l.

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