Its Not Only Their Problem - Battle Of Disarm - Take Action (Cassette)


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  1. Aug 06,  · That means an attachment not just to a record but to a specific record, which hiccups in a specific place and has a specific rip on its sleeve; not just to a song but to the cassette on which it.
  2. Easy Cassette Players. Here are a few of the recurring problems that patrons experience with their easy cassette machines: My easy cassette machine does not play all sides of the tape. Caused by reaching into the machine and removing the tape from the platform and flipping the tape onto the opposite side.
  3. Let's get into the parts of a cassette recorder that need to be cleaned. You have 4 primary parts that need to be cleaned on a cassette deck that records. 3 if you have a play only machine. 1) pinch roller. 2) capstan shaft. 3) record/play head. 4) erase head (only found on recorders) You will see some pics pointing these items out on 3.
  4. Press "Rewind" or "Fast Forward" on your cassette recorder; if these functions don't work then there could be a problem with the belt or the idler. Take your tape recorder to a repair shop if this is the case. Play a cassette in your player.

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